Just wanted to say goodbye to whoever reads this. I’m deleting my blog. I thought it was fun when i started it but it really is a lot of work and i am really busy doing other stuff.

Goodbye, and thank you all.






I told you before that i started living on my own. But as you might probably guessed -seeing the title- i am not that healthy. I am so busy that i am not doing sports or fitness. I only ride my bike to school, and back. And my food is delicious, but friends keep telling me to eat healthier. I only eat lasagna for in the oven, pizza, bread, pizza or i don’t eat at all. Sometimes i make soup. Like today, i had soup for breakfast… I am living here for what? Three weeks? And i have only eaten healthy twice! Because some friends made it for me.

Here is the thing, sunday i’ll be eighteen. I’ll be seen as an adult. Because the law changed last year and now i can finally buy my own wine and smoke my own cigarettes. But being an adult means being independently and wise. Which means that i need to learn how to cook and eat some more healthy stuff. (wait, i eat apples, does that count?)

Anyway, I know this intention is going to be so hard. But I will get through this. And i have a few days left to prepare myself mentally and physically to actually do it. (or i’ll just wait until i get fat and my skin is cracked, then i’ll start living the healthy life, maybe that is too late. *takes hand full of popcorn ready to watch another episode on Netflix*)

Xoxo Suzie.

The Dentist

Darkness…. that’s what you see and also the way you feel. It’s early in the morning and still dark outside because it’s winter. You have to visit the dentist.. again. You throw your bike in the bushes of the big jungle (garden) from the abandoned house. It looks like a graveyard, the way it smell makes you suspicious if an actual human being wasn’t buried there. You take a last deep breath before you reach your hand out for the door knocker. You gather all of you courage and then… before you even have the chance to knock on the door, the old splintered wooden door slowly opens and an old woman is staring at you through her squinting eyes. Her hair is oily and very grey. The white kind of grey. It’s raining outside and that is the only motivation you want to enter that house. You are trying to be gentle and you reach your hand for a handshake. The woman is staring at your face, then your hand, and then your face again. She is all dressed in black and her hair is sleek and it looks like no one ever thought about brushing it. She finally asks you to come in. While she leads you to the waiting room you can basically hear her bones moving, she is so old. You take a seat on the only stool in the cold, empty room. It’s dark and the only thing that is giving you light is a candle. The candle was on it’s end so it wasn’t that bright anymore. After almost a century (actually ten minutes but it felt like you were sitting there for years) you can finally go meet the Dentist. You enter another empty, creepy, room. This one is filled with tools you’ve never seen before and one big chair with a spotlight. You hear an angry voice saying ‘Sit down, say Ah’. You have absolutely no idea where that voice came from but you saw some shadow moving in the corner of the room and you don’t want to make the voice sound more angry so you lay down in the, surprisingly comfortable, chair. You open your mouth but because you’re so frightened your mouth is not making a sound. The bright light in your eyes make you want to cry it also gives you the feeling a whole crowd is staring at you. After a few minutes the Dentist grabbed a chair and while he was sitting behind you, you can see him better now. He is also completely dressed in black, his long white beard was hanging over his chest. He has a bold head. While the Dentist moves your chair up and down and back and forth until you are finally in a good position where the Dentist can see your mouth clearly, you hear lightening and thunderstorms raging through the thin walls. You can also feel the glass and the cold floor moving. The Dentist is grabbing one of his rusty tools and he is looking at your teeth but he is not saying a word. Suddenly some weird drying tool is hanging in your mouth and the Dentist has his hands full of other tools and he is scratching and brushing and whatever. You are guessing what the man is doing. You can’t see what he is doing and he is still not saying anything. some weird cotton wools were put between your jaw and your cheeks and you feel like throwing up, also your mouth is very dehydrated and you really need to swallow. So you do. You make the most awkward sound and it’s echoing through the room. The Dentist starts laughing so loud. And evil. Mostly evil. But loud, too. After half an hour of weird tool, weird sounds, pain, moving chairs, bright light, anaesthetic injections, awkward swallows and evil laughters he is finally done. You may now wash the weird taste out of your mouth, but because your mouth is still numb, the Dentist finds another reason to laugh that evil laughter.. While you are trying to take a sip of your water you can’t close your mouth far enough so all the water you tried to drink is falling over your clothes. Total embarrassment achieved. The weird feeling about some complete crowd staring at you wasn’t that wrong. There was someone staring at you. The lady who opened the door earlier stood by the little window and was making notes of everything what was happening. The only thing you wanted most was running to the door, get your bike, and ride as fast as you can to your bed, wait until your feelings in your mouth are back, drink tea, watch Netflix, cry and finally fall asleep hoping your memory skipped that day and crossing your fingers you never have to come back. No sooner said than done.

Yes, i went to the dentist. I hate it. I do. Believe me. It’s not as bad as i told you here, but believe me, it is not fun.

Xoxo Suzie.

p.s. Let me know what you think about this short story.



As you might know I moved to a complete other city… on my own. The two weeks ive been here has gone pretty well. I am well established. I’ve got a lot of friends here, and my school has still not started. So yesterday was actually the first time i used my new kitchen. And yes, i’ve eaten in the two weeks, but just simple food or at my friends places. It’s not that i made a superdifficult meal (just wraps with salad and salmon) BUT I MADE IT AND IT WAS NICE AND I AM KIND OF PROUD OF MYSELF.

I don’t what to write about. I just started writing because i felt guilty because i took so long.

It’s easier for me if someone told me what to write about. I really want to know what people want to read, please comment what you think is interesting and a good title for my next post.

This was a stupid post. Forgive me.

Xoxo Suzie.



Not actually making an iphone case. But i thought it was worth blogging about. I thought my iphone was kind of boring, i know its all about the inside, but the outside was kind of lame. I have a black iphone, with a transparant plastic case. What i did was super easy.

I printed the front page of todays New York Times. (I didn’t want my iphone to be all dutch) I cut out the title and some articles and pictures, I let it soak in tea and coffee (i became really creative with liquids you should never try together) so the paper became older. The next thing i did was just putting the articles in my transparent case and i clicked my case on my iphone. Now i carry the newspaper everywhere.


(i’m a little stupid because i only have pictures from the result.DSC_0003




Hope you liked this post, let me know! 

Xoxo Suzie








So, it has been a long time. But i’m here. Yay! I was so busy, AND I FOUND A NEW PLACE TO LIVE. Yes! It is finally happening, IM MOVING OUT! So soon i will be posting new pictures of my new room. I think im going to make it completely white. Because white makes everything look bigger. So soon i will be living in the heart of The Netherlands, Utrecht! Im so exited!! Im going to live there because it is closer for my school, because i don’t have to travel so much. But, there is one thing going to be a big disaster.. Im going to have to cook for myself. (is that correctly said?) And as you may know, by reading my other blog about food, im not a kitchen princess. So i will have to practice a lot. Maybe you have something easy to cook for me? Something where it is practically impossible to burn the house down. 


Also i want to thank for nominating me for the LIEBSTER AWARD. So by answering these questions i hope you get to know me a little better. I think it’s nice to discover new blogs.


1. What inspired you to begin blogging?

I was watching a lot of Youtubers and i thought that was great. But im not someone who would put her head in front of a camera and start talking about random things. (maybe i am that way, but i wanted to write anyway) So i started this little blog. Just to see if i could keep up and write about little things and things in my life in a language i was taught in school. Still figuring out if i can though! 

2.  What is your favorite quote?

Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free. – The shawshank redemption.

3.  Favourite place to shop?
Waterstones, Forever 21, de Waaghals (something dutch, SUPERCOOL because you can buy simply every record on vinyl there and its not even that pricey), H&M (of course) and a lot of other clothestores. (, river island, to name a few.)
4.  What’s your go to comfort food when you’re ill?
I never really eat much when im ill, but if i had to choose i definitely go for chicken soup.
5.  If you could road trip around any country where would it be?
I CANT CHOOSE HELP ME. My first choice would be United States but Norway or Sweden are so cool too. I want to see the whole world. 
6.  If you could have a meal with anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
I think i would share my meal with John Lennon (I think i will always be interested in that pal) I want to ask that guy so much about living the life in the sixties and his music. (i sound so old, oh gosh) 
7. What is your favorite musical experience (i.e. concert, festival)?
Uh, i have no idea. my first thought was where i sung in a musical backstage. My vocals where the leading ones. But it was in a schoolmusical so i don’t know, it was fun to do and it was fun with all those people. But it is probably not what you expected to hear. You probably wanted to hear about amazing festivals i’ve been to, im sorry to disappoint you.
So, these were the answers i had. Now its my turn to nominate people, but because i’m not that active here lately and i only met just one person here (the one who nominated me 😉 ) i’m not nominating anyone. I KNOW ITS NOT HOW IT WORKS. 
I hope you are all doing well, i hope to blog more in the future. And again, if you have some easy cooking ideas, please let me know 🙂 
Xoxo Suzie

My inspiration. Where did it go?


So. You might have noticed i haven’t posted lately. Well, two reasons for that. One, I am so busy with my summer job and meeting old friends and all that kind of stuff. Second, I have seriously no clue where my inspiration has gone. (also don’t know if that’s proper english) 

But there is thing song i wanted to share with you. I’ve been obsessed with it for days now. 

Human – Christina Perri

She is so good and her lyrics are perfect. I just wanted to share. Don’t really have something interesting to tell you.

So i guess i’m out now. 

Xoxo Suzie



So, there is this other thing I really like. Well, there are more things I like obviously. But this thing in particular, is traveling. Yesterday I went to Amsterdam. Not that far for me, but not less fun either. Here are the things I saw and did.

Holland is best known for the amount of bikes. For me, it’s normal. I don’t any different. I like riding my bikes and I take my bike everywhere. When I was in Amsterdam there were a lot of foreigners I saw them hiring a bike and taking #selfies on it. While we (my family and I) were eating our croissant and grapes on a stairs we silently laughed at them. We thought the people who weren’t used to the bike and constantly fell off were pretty funny. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad right now. DSC_0143

Another thing we did is something you might have expected if you read the book or maybe if you saw the movie. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (love his books!). Like Hazel and Gus we went to see the bench where a scene at the canal was played. (the bench was stolen but the police found it back. True story.) So we sat there (slowly and then all at once), took pictures and read all the beautiful quotes several people wrote down on it. 

And we went shopping! I don’t know if you know how much I like English. Language, books.. even grammar (still practicing). But i do like that a lot. So while we shambled to the streets and city centre of Amsterdam, we saw this AMAZING bookstore.  It’s called Waterstone and i fell in love. I want to go and live there. They only sell English books. BEST THING IN THE WORLD. I need to go back someday.. We also went to Forever21. My absolute FAVORITE clothing store in the whole wide world. It’s so big and they have everything what you want. Almost. Come on, everyone has flaws. It has just opened its doors so it was a little busy. But still perf

Schiphol. I don’t know if you know what i’m talking about, but its the biggest airport in The Netherlands. And we went there to watch the airplanes. Some are ENORMOUS. And fast, too. We didn’t just go there to watch these miracles. We also planned to eat something. We had…. Pizza. Of course. Pizza with cheese. mmm, Delicious! 

So if you had expected to read something about Anne Frank, I’m sorry. But I want to read her diary before going to her home. 

This was my day. I was exhausted and the only thing i wanted was going to bed, barefoot. My feet were dead in the end of the day! I probably forgot to write down important things. But, I’ll tell you that later. I owe you! 

Xoxo Suzie

P.s. There are way too many coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you can even buy a Cannabis lollipop. Wtf?!



NOT a kitchen princess


I need to confess something. It’s a little stupid. But i can’t cook. I can’t cook for shit. Last week i was home alone and hungry. So i decided to make myself a pizza. (Best thing in the world, I know.) so this is what happened…. I put my pizza in the oven. The oven was hot, not even superhot. Just what the box said it needed to be. So after a few minutes the oven started smoking. Not like a little or something. But my kitchen… was blue. So the fire alarm went off, and then theres me. Having no clue how that thing works. I wanted to open it so i could get the batteries out, but i think that firealarm was made so you can’t get the batteries out (or at least, i can’t). So this is what i did (after i turned off the oven).. I smashed that thing to the floor as hard as i could and so much that the poor firealarm broke. It was completely silent afterwards. Lucky for me. So I thought my pizza was burned and ugh. But it was good, i wasn’t burned at all. But this whole thing wasn’t even the worst part. I texted my parents, who left that morning to go on a vacation, that the firealarm broke. Just that. Nothing more. And a few minutes later a received a text message where my parent laughed and my dad asked me how. so i told them i smashed it to the ground because of the noise. And a second later i got a text saying:’ Hahahaha your mum won! I thought you drowned it.’ and with even more ‘haha’s‘. Okay guys, thanks for the support. Thanks for making a game out of my cookingskills. Love you too… I have some weird parents. But i love them. 

I needed to share this with you. People always say that women need to cook and men don’t. It’s weird. I think that’s why i’ll never marry, because men are always looking for some women who can cook. I’M SORRY I HAVE TO DISAPPOINT YOU OKAY.

Okay, enough.

Xoxo Suzie. 

My 20 favorites this month on Itunes.


I decided to tell you guys about my taste of music. My guilty pleasures are definitely Justin Bieber an One Direction. Miley Cyrus a little too. I was a big fan of her till last year, but I Can’t Stop listening to her music. I just Adore her voice. (stop. enough.) But she is so different now, my fandom kind of stopped a little.

So, my 20 favorites on Itunes this month is something wáay different. Here we go:

  • Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys. Arctic Monkeys… I simply love them.
  • Overjoyed – Bastille
  • Hold My Hand – The Fray
  • Wherever you go – The Fray
  • Run for your life – The Fray (Yes, please run for your life if you don’t love TIphone2014april 2204he Fray)
  • Love Don’t Die – The Fray
  • Magic – Coldplay
  • Icarus – Bastille
  • Ask Yourself – Foster the People
  • Are You What You Want To Be? – Foster the People
  • Girls – The 1975
  • Chocolate – The 1975
  • Gravitfy – John Mayer
  • Sam’s Town – The Killers
  • Preacher – OneRepublic
  • Burning Bridges – OneRepublic
  • This Ain’t Goodbye – Train
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High – Arctic Monkeys
  • Demons – Imagine Dragons
  • Big Parade – The Lumineers

Uh. I guess i reached twenty. (i know you want to count them. But believe me, there were twenty) I’ll probably make another list, another time!

Xoxo Suzie.

P.s. third post today?!